recent quick change shows

Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie have appeared recently in a number of different shows and venues.

NCL - Norwegian Jewel - Keelan and Charlotte have been residents on this beautiful liner for a total of nine months. Spending 6 months in the Caribbean in Winter 07/08 and then three months in the Baltic Capitals in Summer 08. This ship is one of the newest in the fleet and holds 2400 guest and 1000 crew. They performed their 45 minute show of Quick Change, Illusion, Magic and Dance inside the stunning Stardust Theatre that can rival any West End or Broadway theatre.

Princess Cruises - The Star/Sea Princess - Keelan and Charlotte spent four months on this stunning ship in summer 2007 in the Baltic Capitals, including Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark. They were performing the same illusion show in the Princess Theatre. The also spent a total of 3 months on the Sea Princess, which sailed in the Med and the Caribbean.

World's Greatest Magic Show - This was held in order to honour the celebration of magic, in the Blackpool regeneration program in February 2007. Keelan and Charlotte were invited to perform their Quick Change Act alongside some of the best magicians in the World, held at the Blackpool Opera House, Blackpool, UK.

Rebel Yell - The Quick Change Artists appeared in a recent event in Surrey, for the popular modern dance Ceroc, for one of their Special events.