What is Quick Change? - Quick Change is the magical art of instantly changing costumes in fornt of the audiences very eyes, with just a split second of cover. The costumes change both style and colour and both male and female performers have quick change costumes.

Where are the Quick Change Artists based? - Keelan and Charlotte are based just outside of Central London (surrey) in the United Kingdom

What events is Quick Change suitable for? - Quick Change is suitable for a variety of different events including Corporate Dinners, Gala Shows, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Themed Events, and large Exhibitions.

What is the technical requirements? - In order to perform well, we need a suitable enviroment to do so. Our optimum stage requirements would be 24ft x 16ft x 2ft. This is neogiatiable. We also require a lighting rig, and audio equipment.

Where do the Quick Change Artists Work? - Keelan and Charlotte work all over the globe, in a variety of different venues from Ballrooms to Arenas. We will always try to adjust to meet your needs.

If you require information concerning dates and fees, please Contact us to check availability and costs.